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We understand that litigation is an expensive and time-consuming process.  We will manage that process with the same care that you bring to your core business.  Our goal is to take on the stresses of dispute resolution, and allow you to focus on your work. 

We believe that a successful trial depends on shaping the case for the court and jury to attack your opponents' weaknesses.  We use pre-trial motions to convince the trial judge to hear selected portions of a case before trial which are most advantageous to our clients, resulting in significantly better outcomes, reduced trial times and often, successful settlements prior to trial. We are also expert in effective discovery practice to efficiently identify critical evidence that often facilitates summary adjudication of key issues or early mediation leading to settlement.  But we are not at all shy of trying cases -- in civil trials or arbitration -- and are known for our ability to take over cases late in discovery and obtain good results.

We know as well that in today's electronic world, pretrial discovery has become an increasingly costly and difficult problem to manage. We excel in managing electronic discovery, whether identifying and extracting our clients’ data or creating, maintaining and utilizing large evidence databases to get at key evidence.  This enables us to handle the largest matters cost-effectively to you, with precisely the right mix of in-house and third party vendor resources.


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