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You’re looking for experienced trial counsel to help you solve a difficult business dispute without bankrupting you with their fees. Why else would you be here? We are a firm of trial lawyers serving California and national clients in complex business litigation.  We know how expensive and time-consuming the process can be, and our hallmark is delivering the precise solution you need at the lowest possible cost.  You want partners staffing your case, not legions of associates. That’s what we provide. For those cases that truly need more staffing, we are of counsel to a larger firm, and can call in additional litigators at the experience level needed -- and at our lower rates -- to staff larger cases. In addition, we have extensive experience in all forms of electronic discovery and database search technologies, and can lower costs while identifying all key documents needed to prevail in litigation.

Most cases settle. And they should. However, having lawyers known experienced trial counsel representing you gives you the leverage of your opponents knowing they cannot bluff you. We only try cases that must be tried. To accomplish that, we specialize in choosing the strongest part of your case and attacking that issue with decisive motion practice or by causing it to be tried first. In trial, we use most effective trial graphics to teach the judge and jury why you should win.  We have litigated a broad range of civil matters -- from copyright to business breakup, civil rights to corporate control, trade secret to electronic privacy and First Amendment cases.  Whatever the business or securities claims you need us to pursue or defend, we secure the best possible outcome at the lowest cost to you.

We urge you to contact us. Face to face interviews are critical in helping you decide who should represent you for two reasons. First, trial is ultimately a performance art. You need to see us in person to decide if you want us as your “thirteenth juror.” Second, any litigation matter is usually stressful. If we are not comfortable with each other, the case pressures will interfere with your feeling comfortable with your case. Come talk to us as part of the process of engaging counsel to represent you.


Complex Cases

Complex Business Litigation

Copyright & Trade Secret Intellectual Property

Corporate Governance and Breakup – Partnership Disputes

Corporate Trust/Fiduciary Duty Cases

Derivative and Securities Actions

False Claims Act Whistleblower, Civil RICO

FINRA Securities Arbitrations - unsuitable investments

Internet Privacy, Defamation And First Amendment

Software and Systems Development Disputes


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Let us know what we can do to help you.  We will get back to you within 24 hours of your communication to us and set up an immediate initial meeting or conference call, for which there is no charge.  

We have litigated many cases both in California and across the U.S. in both state and federal courts and have participated in scores of arbitrations and mediations.  We stand ready to help.


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Sommers & Schwartz LLP serves as of counsel @ to Bartko, Zankel,Bunzel -- an arrangement which increases the size of complex business cases that both firms can take on, allowing Sommers & Schwartz LLP to handle large scale matters that require significant work at the associate level.