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Sample Blog / Training

TITLE / Training post

Start creating the blog post

Select the  add a post 

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Enter title and body of your blog post in Text Box

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Customize your blog post with features such as add image, video, button, audio clip or line

Select the + (middle right edge) to customize the blog.

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VIDEO (must have a youtube/vimeo link)

video Block
Double-click here to add a video by URL or embed code. Learn more



AUDIO clip

audio Block
Double-click here to upload or link to a .mp3. Learn more



inserting tags / categories 

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Divide content by subject or type / a visitor will be able to sort post based on category type, the category will be displayed at the top of the post next to date

Add Category

To add a new category, click Categories +, click Create Category, enter a category in the box, and then press Enter.
To add an existing category, click the categories list, and then select a category from the Pick Category list.

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things to remember (in the 'options' tab)

Thumbnail photo

'options' add thumbnail photo


Write an excerpt to let the reader know what the post is about


remember to change your name

categoryWinnie Fungtag